Octopuses in the kitchen – is it worth reaching for them in summer Fit recipes and places.

Octopuses in the kitchen – is it worth reaching for them in summer Fit recipes and places.

Octopuses in the kitchen – is it worth reaching for them in the summer??

They have a rather unusual appearance, resemble creatures not of this earth, attack with ink and can squeeze through the smallest opening – on a fishing boat of course. Octopuses and octopus – as we are going to talk about them today – are a tasty delicacy for every Italian, Spaniard, Chinese or Croatian. In Poland they are one of the almost luxury products. Not everyone is able to enjoy octopus meat – often the main reason for many people to be reluctant is the appearance of the cephalopod. Summer is approaching, so is it a good idea to add octopus to your home menu?

Frutti di mare: octopuses and baby octopuses

One of the most commonly used octopuses in cooking is the common octopus, which is mainly used in dishes in Chinese, Croatian, Spanish or Italian cuisine. In Poland, however, mini octopuses have recently become very popular.

Octopuses are cephalopods that have 6 arms and 2 legs, that is 8 tentacles in total. Their meat is very tender and firm – and some say it tastes a bit like poultry meat. Baby octopuses, on the other hand, are a smaller version of the typical octopus, their meat is also tender but very springy, which makes them mild and slightly sweet tasting.

Due to their composition, they are a very good addition to a daily diet. They are especially suitable for people who exercise regularly, watch their weight or play sports professionally. Octopuses are low in calories, high in protein and low in fat.

What are the positives of eating seafood such as octopus?

The octopus diet makes its meat rich in numerous nutrients, as well as vitamins and minerals. The most important components that can be distinguished when describing the composition of octopus meat include: selenium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin D.

The meat of octopuses is also a very good source of Omega-3 fatty acids – unsaturated fatty acids lower the level of LDL cholesterol, also called “bad” cholesterol.

All these substances have a beneficial effect on the human body and contribute to the proper functioning of many systems, including in particular the immune system and cardiovascular system.

Where to get octopus and baby octopus?

In Poland octopuses and octopus are generally available frozen, but you can also choose to buy them online. On the web you can come across very interesting offers, mail order stores very well protect their products, so that they survive the long journey (this type of products – fresh – should be delivered the same day as it was ordered). How to place an order? Just turn on your web browser, go to the website of the mail order store of your choice, select the products you are interested in, add them to your cart, and follow the next steps.

How to prepare octopus in summer?

A good octopus recipe is useful in preparation. Cephalopods are relatively simple to prepare and can be cooked in many ways. They can withstand grilling, frying, stewing and also cooking. There are also no contraindications to marinating them, such as. with garlic and lemon juice. Well prepared it can be a tasty and refreshing snack on hot summer days.