Healthy breakfast – Fit recipes and places.

Healthy breakfast – Fit recipes and places.

Healthy breakfast

What breakfast should be? Healthy and nutritious. Rich in ingredients and minerals that will give us strength and vitality from the very morning. We try to make sure that the diet is varied and balanced. This is very important in keeping the body fit and healthy.

A perfect breakfast idea is muesli. A mixture of oatmeal or rye flakes with nuts and fruit will give the body valuable ingredients from the morning. The muesli is rich in iron and magnesium, which the body often lacks. This breakfast is great for people of all ages. Recommended for a diet. It contains a lot of valuable fibre, which aids weight loss.

Properly composed muesli contains not only breakfast cereals but also fruit. It is a very valuable component of our daily diet. They provide vitamins and sugars that our body needs. Fruits in muesli make it softer and sweeter. There are many ready-made mixtures on the market, with different fruits. Thanks to this everyone will find what they like. In addition to dried fruit, we can always add fresh fruit.

Since oatmeal and fruit, you can not miss the nuts and grains. They are responsible for providing our body with zinc and vitamins and unsaturated fats. Most common in muesli are nuts and flaxseed. Flaxseeds have an excellent effect on the digestive system. Prevents constipation and supports cleansing of the body.

Good muesli also contains pollen. It supports the body’s immune system. Bee pollen has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Research shows one of its properties is to reduce stress.

A well-composed mix of muesli helps us take care of the quality of our meals. It makes us eat something not only tasty but also healthy. It perfectly satisfies hunger and the body’s need for nutrients that we need first thing in the morning.

The muesli is mainly served with yoghurt or milk. It provides the body with protein and calcium, which are essential for bones. Remember also that some vitamins are fat-soluble and therefore better absorbed by the body. For those who are allergic to cow’s milk, substitutes are available. If you like, you can even pour plain water over it.