Headphones for active people – sport and health

Headphones for active people – sport and health

You live an active and healthy life? Get the right headphones for you!

Everyone who lives an active life, plays sports and doesn’t shy away from movement knows how inconvenient traditional headphones can be. Always tangling cable, which can cause a lot of problems while running in the park, sore ears after several minutes of use are just some of the problems that users point out. Add to that the medical opinion that using headphones, especially for long periods of time, can seriously damage your hearing system. So what is the solution? How to choose headphones that will convenient and safe for health?

Hearing aid safe earphones

The answer is AfterShokz wireless headphones with bone conduction technology. Their innovation lies in the fact that the eardrums, whose damage is the most common cause of hearing loss, are not involved in transmitting sound. Instead, sound in the form of vibrations travels through the knuckles of your face. It has an amazing effect, and most importantly it is Much healthier for the user!

Until now with bone conduction technology used mainly by the military. Now this advanced technology is available to all of us. It is particularly popular with active people who value a healthy lifestyle. This method is also used in medicine in treating people with hearing loss. According to the data, more than 120 thousand people around the world have already been helped in this way!

How bone conduction headphones work?

These headphones produce special vibrations that drive sound through the cheekbones. This means that there is no interference with the ears. What is more, thanks to the open design exposing the ear, the person using the headphones can hear the sounds around him or her. This is real technology for the 21st century.

In Poland we exclusively distribute AfterShokz wireless headphones by Freeway OMT. What this product looks like in practice? Below are some pictures: