Ice cream sorbets – are they healthy How to choose ice cream from the store

Ice cream sorbets – are they healthy How to choose ice cream from the store

Ice cream sorbet – healthy and tasty dessert

There is probably no one who would not like to eat ice cream. We usually reach for it when the weather is hot, however it can be enjoyed all year round. And although we usually choose traditional milk ice cream, sorbets from the store are a very good alternative as a healthy dessert.

What is sorbet ice cream made from?

Sorbet ice-cream is an extremely refreshing type of fruit ice-cream. They are mainly made with water, sugar, syrups and glucose substances and fruit in the form of mousse or juice. There is no fatty milk or cream in their composition. In addition, sorbets may contain some alcohol e.g. liqueur or champagne. What distinguishes it from water ice-cream is its composition and texture. Sorbets from the store contain ground fruit, which can be easily felt on the palate, whereas water ice-cream is mainly water enriched with colouring agents, which creates the uniform consistency of the dessert.

Is sorbet ice cream healthy?

Ice cream sorbet due to their high content of water, fruit purees and fruit juices they are certainly less calorific and more refreshing than traditional dairy ice cream. However, they also contain sugar. Certainly sorbets will be healthier than ice cream because they do not contain fats in the form of milk and cream. Although they contain less nutritional value, they come from fruit. So they will contain a good dose of vitamin C and a small amount of vitamins depending on which fruit they are made from. Good sorbets from the store it should contain around 60-70% fruit. Before we are tempted to a healthy dessert, read labels on sorbet producers’ packaging carefully.

How to choose ready-made sorbet ice cream from the store?

Whether sorbets will be worth our attention and whether we will like them depends not only on their composition, but also on the selection of products from which they are made. Ice cream sorbets always starts with fruit, but only the best quality fruit. Juicy watermelons, sweet strawberries, ripe peaches, summer-scented berries – it’s their percentage content that determines the taste of the best sorbets. The least amount of sugar should sorbets from the store made from fruits rich in pectin (stone fruits, grapes, berries) and fibre (bananas, pears, apples, mangoes). They have a high viscosity so they create a thick consistency of creamy sorbets which do not need additional sweetening or artificial thickening. On the other hand, citrus fruits and fruits with high water content will contain the most sugar. As a rule, they are tart in taste, which is why sorbet ice cream from which they are made are sugared and thickened.

Ready-made sorbets from the store are offered by Koral brand, which cares about the high quality of its sorbets, using the highest quality fruit, including those from Polish orchards. This company has been producing healthy ice cream desserts based on traditional recipes for many years and sorbet ice cream, Koral brand, which launches sorbets made of apples, strawberries or mangoes, as well as lemon sorbets perfect for even the most demanding palates.