Opening your own restaurant taxes, formalities, location

Opening your own restaurant taxes, formalities, location

Opening your own restaurant: what are the pros and cons?

Every person has gone through such a stage in their life to open their own business. Of course, at the very beginning it was unimportant what this business would be, but probably everyone One word came to mind: restaurant.

The catering business can be compared to a kind of “higher business”. Why? Because it has the seeds of every other profession in it, and a restaurant is a full range of responsibilities. Not only for yourself and your employees, but also for your guests. This is not an easy job, and the responsibilities that come with it are far beyond the normal running of a business. This probably makes the satisfaction unimaginably greater.

Before a man decides to open his own establishment, he should know what risks it entails. Before making such a decision, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons. It is widely known that the hardest thing to do is to start, so the first major obstacle is finance. To open your own catering business you need to come in with enough capital, which will not only ensure a good start, but also allow you to survive the first months before the restaurant starts to make a profit.

Once you have collected sufficient capital, the next obstacle awaits you. Place for the premises. This aspect can either help or seriously hurt your future restaurant, as the location largely determines the success of the business. If the location is not attractive to guests, even an outstanding cuisine may not be enough for the restaurant to survive.

Bureaucracy in catering: social security contributions, taxes, forms

Having already established the place, waiting for us getting through the red tape. This is probably the most tedious process during the whole adventure of opening your own restaurant. The most important things in this case are, of course, entry in the register of economic activities, application for entry in the register of establishments producing or marketing food, application for approval of the establishment by the State Sanitary Inspectorate. In addition, you need to arrange a whole spectrum of permits, such as alcohol license or license agreements for public performance of music, which are necessary to run a restaurant. It is worth mentioning here that you have to pay regular fees for these permits, so you also need to set aside an appropriate fund for this. Once we have dealt with these formalities, we still need to obtain the final permits, which will finally allow us to open the restaurant.

When opening a restaurant we must also remember about taxes. At the very beginning you can choose the form of taxation, fortunately in the course of running the restaurant you can change this form. The amount of taxes depends on the annual income generated by the premises. Of course depending on the chosen form of taxation, their amount varies. In order to dispel any doubts it is worth consulting the nearest tax office. If you do not know where your tax office is, use the tax office locator. Once you’ve gone through the formalities, you need to identify your suppliers, hire staff, and determine the overall style of your restaurant. You have to reckon with the fact that for the first months you have to practically live in your own place, which can be harmful to your family and relatives.

Despite the fact that running your catering business It is a real time sink, but it is worth remembering that it also brings many benefits. First of all, satisfaction. You did it. We have reached the goal. We have opened a restaurant. We can now show our idea of life to the public. Communicate your taste and flavor, so you can shape the taste of others.

Your own restaurant as a way of life

Thanks to the restaurant people can self-realize, work on themselves and show how they really are. When you run a catering business, you don’t just serve the food that your guests order. In a way, we pass on ourselves, which comes out of the fact that we spend most of our time in the restaurant. We build our reputation, respect and thanks to this we achieve the most important goal of running a restaurant, which is profits.

You can argue about whether it is worth running your own restaurant. Some people will be successful, others will be forced to close their business, but before you decide to take such a step, you need to know what this business entails.