Glasses perfect for latte – Fit recipes and places.

Glasses perfect for latte – Fit recipes and places.

Ideal glasses for lattes

We all love to drink coffee. Well, almost everyone. Almost everyone can find their favorite variety. Espresso with milk added is very popular. It doesn’t satisfy us with an ordinary flat white, i.e. Polish coffee with milk. We love a soft Italian cappuccino with foam, or any variety of latte. We like not only the taste, but also the unique and pleasing way it is served. Drinking such coffee makes time stop for a moment.

Imagine a sunny day, you are at home, you have free time. You have fulfilled all your duties, finally it’s time to relax and be rewarded – coffee in the fresh air. You have a little more time than usual, so you can get carried away and make one of the latte varieties. Get to know the basic types of lattes and in which dishes to serve them.

– „Thanks to the unique texture of the frothed milk, lattes are pleasing to the eyes and palate. It is best if they are served in high clear glasses with a handle. This allows you to drink the drink while it’s still hot; – convinces the expert from Porcelana24.en.

Types of latte

It has become customary in colloquial language to call a coffee with a lot of milk a latte. A latte in Italian is nothing but… milk! But don’t let your linguistic intuition fool you – caffe latte is not just coffee with milk. It is more appropriate to call it milk with coffee. A Caffe Latte is made with a ratio of 1/3 espresso and 2/3 foamed milk. The high milk content ensures an extraordinary texture and taste. Another variety of latte coffee, strongly desired because of the way it is served, is a three-layer latte macchiato. Pour the espresso slowly into the hot and very frothy milk. A layer of milk should remain at the bottom, with the coffee in the middle and a finish of milk foam on top. You can enjoy it layer by layer or mix it all up. There are also several variations of the latte. You can add chocolate, sweet liqueurs or your favorite ice cream to any latte. Thanks to the capabilities of home espresso machines, you can make it effortlessly at home. All you need is the perfect latte glass.

What to serve lattes in?

Lattes must be served in clear glasses. Only such will allow you to enjoy the appearance of coffee. Sometimes a latte in cafes is served in a glass without a handle. It’s not a convenient solution. Caffe latte is made with hot milk. Glass has the property of absorbing heat, if the glass has no handle, you will not drink a hot coffee. A glass for all types of lattes should be tall. This allows the espresso to be properly blended with the milk. To sum up, The perfect latte glass must be clear, tall and have a handle. A glass with a double wall has an interesting effect. It allows the drink to retain its temperature for longer and looks original at the same time. Don’t forget to buy long-handled spoons in addition to latte glasses.