Music in a restaurant – what permits are necessary to play legally

Music in a restaurant – what permits are necessary to play legally

Music in a restaurant – what permission is necessary

Music is able to fill unnecessary silences and is a pleasant addition in many places, such as. in the restaurant. I don’t think anyone can imagine visiting a restaurant where it is quiet, apart from the conversations that go on between the other guests in the restaurant. We associate music with something calm, relaxing, and very pleasant. No wonder that its presence in the premises is something mandatory. Many people wonder if it’s legal to simply download music from YouTube and play it on the premises. Turns out it’s not that simple.

The right to music

Not to forget that playing music in such places is regulated by law. What’s different if you play music at home for your own use. In restaurants the situation is completely different and it is necessary to have the appropriate permission. If you want to make things easier for yourself, you should contact the collective management organization for copyright or related rights. In our country, the authority is ZAIKS. This is where all music licenses are purchased – not only when it comes to catering establishments, but also for weddings and other places where such music will be played. If you go to their website, you can find in the special tabs the appropriate information on how to play the music and what license you need.

Creative Commons

Some venue owners choose to use online platforms where songs are collected directly from creators and further shared, bypassing national OZZ protection. Everything collected on such platforms is based on the so-called. Creative Commons Free Licenses. People using such music sources do not have to worry about breaking the law, because everything is legal and respects the copyright of the creators. Which option is better? It already depends on the capabilities and willingness of the establishment. If someone cares about the latest hits, it is better to contact ZAIKS. The cost of buying such a license is not large, and people will have a better perception of individual catering establishments.

If we have already convinced ourselves that we have access to legal music, we can use the yt converter to get it in a format that suits us.