Lunch for diabetics – Fit recipes and places.

Lunch for diabetics – Fit recipes and places.

Breakfast for diabetics

People with diabetes should pay special attention to choosing the right products in their diet. When composing your daily menu you should not forget about a nutritious and healthy breakfast. It does not have to differ much from what the rest of the family eats.

Bread for people with diabetes

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes, certainly need to take care of a well-chosen diet. When planning meals you need to avoid carbohydrates, especially simple sugars, such as fructose, glucose, fructose, fructose, fructose, glucose, fructose. in sweets, cakes, sweet buns and white bread. Does it mean that diabetics have to give up sandwiches altogether?? Of course not, as long as you choose bread with a low glycemic index. This indicator determines the influence of the consumed products on the blood glucose level after approx. 2-3 hours after eating it.

So it is crucial to check the composition of the bread you buy. Diabetics should avoid bread with such additives as. candied or dried fruit. A good choice for them is the already mentioned low GI bread, made with rye, graham or oat flour and high in fibre.

Which side dishes to add to your breakfast?

Bread goes well with dairy products as well as with roasted meat or vegetables. On a sandwich with properly selected bread we can put a piece of roast pork tenderloin or poultry, as well as lean cottage cheese or yellow cheese with reduced fat content. It is better to replace butter with good quality margarine or hummus, and complement it with fresh vegetables or salad. Diabetics can also use roasted pumpkin seeds, nuts or almonds. Not only do they contain valuable ingredients for good health, but they also perfectly complement the taste of many dishes.

As you can see diabetic’s breakfast can be tasty and varied, you just need to reach for sensibly selected products. You don’t have to give up delicious bread either – you can find bread with a low glycemic index in the bakery in Wilanów.