Healthy breakfast ideas for sweet – Fit recipes and places.

Healthy breakfast ideas for sweet – Fit recipes and places.

Ideas for a healthy sweet breakfast

Most Poles declare that for breakfast they usually eat a sandwich with cold meat or cheese or scrambled eggs. However, there are days when the body needs a change and tells us to eat a sweet breakfast.

It is worth having some tried and tested breakfast ideas at such a time. So what breakfast options do we have when we crave something sweet? Are there sweet breakfast ideas that are not calorie bombs??

Healthy Breakfast in Five Minutes

Often in the morning we do not have enough time to eat a filling breakfast. We reach for candy bars, cookies and other products that provide us with empty calories, unhealthy fats and a lot of sugar. However, there are simple and quick ideas for breakfast on the go.

Many people can not imagine the morning without coffee. A great idea for your first meal is a coffee shake. Just combine espresso, milk and a banana. The whole thing can be enriched with cinnamon or vanilla stick. Such a quick and healthy breakfast gives us a lot of energy.

Another idea for breakfast will be muesli. A great alternative to the usual milk toppings. Usually breakfast cereals have many flavor enhancers and a huge amount of sweeteners. It is worth paying attention to choose muesli without sugar but with the addition of nuts, candied fruit, etc. An excellent purchase is muesli with dried fruit, which will give us energy for the whole morning. This breakfast can be eaten quickly even on the way to work.

Breakfast for lazy Sunday mornings

Muesli turns out to be a great idea for breakfast on a day when we have a bit more free time. Then you can make your own granola. It will give us the assurance that the muesli is sugar and hydrogenated fat free. To prepare muesli we will need, at our discretion, different types of flakes: oat flakes, barley flakes, buckwheat flakes and many others. You can add dates, raisins, dried fruit, your favourite nuts, honey. It all depends on your preferences. At the end we need some kind of binder in the form of fat. It can be peanut butter, coconut oil. Bake the whole thing in the oven until the cereal is lightly browned. The muesli can be served with yogurt, milk or buttermilk.