Avocado Paste Fit recipes and places.

Avocado Paste Fit recipes and places.

Avocado paste – for sandwiches and more

Recently we showed you a recipe for a delicious baked salmon with avocado, which we particularly liked precisely because of the avocado, which is very good and above all healthy! So today we stay in a similar culinary climate and present recipe for avocado paste. It’s great on sandwiches with rye bread or as a dip for snacks. How to prepare avocado paste?

Recipe for avocado paste

In order to prepare avocado paste we need at least one avocado fruit from which we scoop out the whole flesh with a spoon. For this you will need olive oil and lemon juice. Mix everything well in a bowl, and for taste add spices such as pepper. Please note that the avocado must be ripe. We do not even mention removing the seed from the middle of the fruit because it’s obvious 😉 Here we go ingredients for making a delicious avocado paste for sandwiches or use as a dip for snacks.

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