Professional equipment for gastronomy – Fit recipes and places.

Professional equipment for gastronomy – Fit recipes and places.

Professional equipment for gastronomy

Wholesale catering offers you professional catering equipment and devices, which are necessary not only in establishments serving delicious meals, but also in stores and food processing plants. Our offer includes professional ovens, dishwashers, refrigerated furniture, pizzeria equipment, tableware and much more, which we deliver throughout Poland. Full offer on our website.

Indispensable equipment of every restaurant

Each catering facility requires essential equipment. Proper ovens for thermal processing of food, dishwashers, refrigeration and freezing counters and cabinets, display cases, tableware and accessories. You can find all this and much more in our store at hybrid-gastro.en.

Combi-steam oven

The device ensuring the excellent taste of each dish thanks to steam. Ensures short cooking and baking time, thus saving time. Meals stay moist and do not lose any nutritional value.

Hooded dishwasher

Professional dishwashers suitable for large containers and dishes will work perfectly in every establishment and food processing plant. High temperature and 90 degrees of scalding allows you to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene of dishes, which is one of the sanitary requirements.

Pizza oven

Not only are the right ingredients responsible for the taste of the pizza, but also the right baking. That is why we offer you gas- and electric-powered pizza ovens that perfectly bake the dough and enrich the taste of each pizza.

Refrigerated cabinets

Refrigeration cabinet is necessary to store and cool food products properly, that is why we offer you devices adjusted to the efficiency of your business. We offer one-door, two-door and glazed cabinets, which are perfect for a bar, cafe and store to display goods.

Dishwashers for pots

Professional and large-sized dishwashers for the catering industry and beyond meet all sanitary requirements, ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness of dishes and containers. Wide range of products allows you to choose dishwasher adapted to the efficiency of your business, which significantly affects savings. Indispensable equipment for catering establishments are top quality products, which are characterized by extraordinary performance and durability. In the interest of satisfaction of each customer we also offer professional service and advice. Check our offer and choose a comprehensive equipment of your business.