How to dry lavender How to dry lavender fast

How to dry lavender How to dry lavender fast

How to dry lavender?

How to dry lavender properly? Lavender is a popular plant, often grown in gardens. Dried lavender has many uses and its beautiful scent is preserved even when dried.

Correct drying process is important to preserve the full value of lavender. To preserve the aroma of the lavender you should cut it at the right time. You can usually tell by the swollen calyxes and by the opening of the buds. Flowers can start to appear on the twigs.

Natural drying of lavender

The best the way to dry lavender is natural. Usually cut lavender buds are arranged in bundles and tied with a rubber band. The lavender prepared in this way is hung up in an airy and dry place. Should not experience too high temperatures.

Drying lavender in the open sun

Drying lavender in the open sun can cause it to lose its aroma. Its intense shade would also suffer.

How to know that the lavender has been properly dried?

A good degree of drying ensures that the blossoms detach easily from the stem. If conditions are favorable, the whole process can take about a week.

Make sure that the lavender is completely dry. Otherwise, it may develop mold.