How to dry flowers Ways to dry flowers while preserving their flavour!

How to dry flowers Ways to dry flowers while preserving their flavour!

How to dry flowers?

How to dry flowers? On winter days like this one we often think back to a beautifully flowered meadow bathed in sunshine. So what to do to preserve this unique atmosphere for longer? We recommend drying flowers to enjoy them all year round.

Drying flowers: Flowered books and newspapers

You may remember the books filled to the brim with flowers which our grandmothers and mothers used to dry as souvenirs.

Between the sheets should be arranged so that they do not touch each other. You can do it the same way with newspaper. However, make sure that the sheets are not covered with varnish. A book or a newspaper should be pressed with a heavy object. However, with this method the flowers will be flattened and out of shape.

A method of drying flowers that will preserve their shape?

In order to preserve the shape of flowers, which later will look nice placed in a vase, they should first be tied in small bunches. Place where flowers will dry should be airy and stems hung up.

How to dry flowers in semolina

You will need a box, on the bottom of which you should sprinkle semolina. Each flower should lie freely. Then sprinkle them with semolina as well. This way they retain their natural color. Drying time is two weeks in an airy place.

How to dry flowers in a vase

There are situations in which flowers get dried by accident while still standing in a vase. All you need is a little bit of water that remains at the bottom of the vase. This method is best for hydrangeas, roses and grasses.