How to dry mushrooms Drying mushrooms in the drier, in the oven and on a string

How to dry mushrooms Drying mushrooms in the drier, in the oven and on a string

How to dry mushrooms?

Mushroom picking is a very pleasant way of spending time and every specimen you find makes you happy. Once we come home with full baskets of mushrooms, sometimes the question arises – how to dry these mushrooms?

Mushroom drying step by step

In this text we want to describe a few possibilities for drying our harvest. First of all, remember that before drying the mushrooms should be well cleaned – with a knife, brush or damp cloth and cut into strips of about half a centimeter. Before drying mushrooms do not wash them in water! And then you can proceed to drying mushrooms.

Drying mushrooms in an electric drier

The first and easiest way is Drying in a mushroom drier, fruits and vegetables. Arrange the cleaned and sliced ones evenly in the drying baskets and turn on the air. Depending on the type of mushroom and its moisture content such drying will take a few hours. It’s good to change the position of the trays from time to time and rotate the mushrooms, which will make the drying process more even. The disadvantage of this method is that you need a dryer. For people who often dry vegetables, fruits and mushrooms this is very good, but what about when you do it once or occasionally? We also have other ways!

Drying mushrooms in the oven

Oven drying – pretty much every kitchen user already has an oven. Arrange the mushrooms evenly on a baking tray – preferably lined with baking paper. Set the temperature to 50 degrees and leave the oven door ajar to let the steam escape. We dry mushrooms in this way for up to several hours, turning them over from time to time.

Drying mushrooms on a string

Another way is the traditional way drying on a string. We use it most often when we are e.g. on vacation without access to an oven. Thread the sliced mushrooms on a long thread or a thin string, leaving a small gap between them – so that they don’t touch. We hang such „mushroom beads” near a heat source – for example. radiator or other heater, or, if the weather is good, in the sun. This way of drying is more time-consuming, you also need to pay attention that mushrooms do not start to mold if the temperature drops.

How to store dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms Best stored in a glass jar. In winter, they will be a wonderful and highly aromatic reminder of autumn, as well as a delicious ingredient in soups, sauces and other dishes.