Recipe – how to make good Zurek To Proste!

Recipe – how to make good Zurek To Proste!

Silesian sour rye soup – a delicacy of Katowice and beyond

How to prepare good Silesian Żur? It’s easy! Żurek is a very popular dish in Silesia. You can find it very often on tables of inhabitants of Katowice or Bytom. It differs from the white borscht in the type that it is prepared on rye flour, while the traditional white borscht is made on wheat flour. In order to prepare Silesian sour soup, we need the following ingredients:

Zurek Slaski – ingredients

  • One liter of bouillon
  • 200 ml of rye sourdough
  • One white sausage and some bacon
  • Onion
  • horseradish
  • garlic
  • 3 tablespoons of 30% cream
  • grated marjoram salt and pepper
  • hard boiled eggs

To the broth boiling in the pot add fried sausage, bacon and onion and then sourdough starter. Cook it for about half an hour so that the dish gains flavour. Season for taste and add an egg. Now our Silesian sour soup can be served to guests 🙂 Enjoy!