Read the ingredients first – Fit recipes and places.

Read the ingredients first – Fit recipes and places.

First of all, read the composition

It is widely believed that muesli is one of the healthiest options we can serve ourselves for breakfast. In addition to being a valuable source of valuable ingredients, it is a pretty tasty alternative to the popular sandwiches.

However, before you get excited about the idea, it is worth noting that the availability of different types of muesli on the market is large, and not every product labeled in this way contains the same valuable ingredients. How, then, to shop without buying a pig in a poke or falling for a tempting marketing trick? What to eat for a nutritious, healthy breakfast? Which breakfast cereals to choose? There are some universal tips that work for every situation.

Dilemmas in front of the supermarket shelf

We can’t disagree that today’s commercial offer provides us with a wide choice of products, which we can’t always cope with. Many consumers, for lack of time or insufficient knowledge, are guided solely by their aesthetic sense or visual memory, choosing a muesli whose packaging is eye-catching or has been remembered from advertising. But this is not the way. The most popular breakfast cereals are mostly filled with sugar and preservatives, which may taste good, but don’t add much besides sweetness. But breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day and it’s a meal you can depend on. It should provide us with energy for an active day and the necessary ingredients to tackle any challenge. Unfortunately neither sugar nor artificial additives can provide such power.

To choose the right breakfast product, start by reading the ingredients first. It is often forgotten that in the case of muesli, the content of such ingredients as fibre, iron or salt plays an important role. Ready-made muesli has up to 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving, which is far more than even classic chocolate ice cream. Quite a few of them are presented as the best weight loss remedies, aiding in fat reduction and effectively improving your figure, even though this is not true.

Instead of paying attention to the ingredients, you can also make your own muesli mix with selected cereals, fruits, nuts and natural yoghurt. In this way we avoid the confusion of identifying the correct composition.