SculpSure, or laser lipolysis. How it works Fit recipes and locations.

SculpSure, or laser lipolysis. How it works Fit recipes and locations.

SculpSure, or laser lipolysis. How it works?

SculpSure treatment is known for being able to remove about 25% of fat from the area in 25 minutes. How is it possible? Thanks to the process of laser lipolysis. Read what this innovative and completely safe method is about.

Laser lipolysis vs. liposuction

Laser lipolysis, unlike liposuction, does not require skin breaks. No needle or scalpel is used to reduce body fat. Some people interchangeably use the term laser liposuction for this type of treatment. This is a mistake because lipolysis and liposuction are two completely different procedures.

Liposuction is a direct suction of excess fat – laser is introduced under the skin to separate fat from other tissues and transform it into an emulsion, which is then removed with a special pump outside. While laser lipolysis, e.g. in Miracki Clinic in Warsaw, it works through the skin layers. Laser light penetrates through the epidermis to the fatty tissue and causes the phenomenon of disintegration of fat cells. "Dissolved" fat travels through the lymphatic system to the liver, where it is processed and converted into energy.

What does lipolysis fat reduction consist in?

One of the most modern devices used for laser lipolysis is SculpSure. It uses the action of diode laser with a wavelength of 1060 nm. Laser light heats the skin to a temperature of about 42-47 ° C. Works at a depth of up to 3 cm. This makes it possible to effectively damage fat cells – even those most resistant to other methods of slimming. Skin heated by the laser is further stimulated to produce collagen and elastin fibers – it strengthens, becomes tighter and firmer.

SculpSure device has up to four applicators (pads), each of which operates on an area of 24 cm2. During one treatment each of them can be used simultaneously, which means that in just 25 minutes it is possible to slim an area of the body up to 96 cm2 with the laser. So in less than half an hour you can perform the treatment simultaneously on several parts of the body.

Lipolysis is a process that occurs gradually. The body needs time to remove all the damaged fat cells. The first effects are visible after about 1.5 months, and the full results can be expected after about 12 weeks.

Why should you decide to slim with a laser?

Although they have little in common with liposuction, treatments such as SculpSure, definitely deserve the name "liposuction without a scalpel". In the least invasive way to remove large deposits of fat. Advantages of laser lipolysis worth highlighting are:

  • high effectiveness – the device perfectly deals with liquidation of even the most resistant local fat deposits
  • economy – usually only one treatment is enough to achieve satisfactory results;
  • rapid reduction of large amounts of fat, without a scalpel and without side effects – SculpSure allows for minimal time (25 minutes) to achieve maximum results (reduction of about 25% of fat from the area);
  • painless method – thanks to the built-in cooling, during laser therapy you feel only slight warming of the skin;
  • minimal side effects – symptoms such as skin redness and slight swelling disappear on their own after a few days;
  • The possibility of slimming various parts of the body with a laser, such as. abdomen, hips, waist, knees, arms and even the chin;
  • sensational effects: fat reduction, body slimming, body contouring, skin firming;
  • no convalescence – immediately after the treatment you can return to everyday duties.

If you have any questions about slimming treatments we encourage you to contact the specialists at Miracki Clinic in Warsaw.